TIBCO to Acquires Statistica — A Data Science Platform Leader

TIBCO Software has entered into an agreement to acquire Statistica, a leader in data science.


The acquisition will augment TIBCO’s analytics product offerings, adding new capabilities aimed at making it easier for data scientists to unlock the power of machine learning and leverage it in a variety of applications, such as those analyzing the often large amounts of data produced in IoT systems.

Statistica will enable users to more rapidly uncover insights from source data. It will also become part of the TIBCO Insight Platform to empower a broader audience of business users with these analytical capabilities and allow actions to be triggered in related systems, ensuring insights turn into the best outcomes for the business. Statistica will provide rigorous modeling and validation tools for machine learning and deep learning, resulting in better answers, smarter decisions, and the right actions at the right time.

“TIBCO Spotfire, the key driver of the Insight Platform, has always been a pioneer in visual data exploration and analytics, and we are focused on making that technology a smart, one-stop shop for analytics,” said Mark Palmer, senior vice president, analytics, TIBCO. “We welcome Statistica as an important addition to the analytics team, to help make advanced analytics even more accessible for users of all skill levels.”
To learn more about the TIBCO Insight Platform, and Statistica, visit:http://spotfire.tibco.com/solutions/technology/insight-platform.

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