INT First to Market with Launch of New Data Visualization and Analysis Platform

IVAAP empowers companies to build custom E&P applications for the digital oilfield

INT is pleased to announce the launch of IVAAP™­, the first and only digital framework designed to accelerate the development of web-based data visualization and analysis solutions for upstream E&P.


Designed to respond to the evolving needs of geoscience analysts, IVAAP helps companies develop and deploy real-time monitoring and analysis applications quickly, reducing costs and delivering higher value in a shorter time frame.

“We strive to develop our products ahead of the curve, at the forefront of technology, ensuring that we can position our clients for the utmost success in the industry,” said Dr. Olivier Lhemann, President of INT, Inc. “Our HTML5 products—now including IVAAP—are consistently the most advanced in the field.”

Cloud-enabled and highly scalable, IVAAP includes a powerful HTML5 client dashboard, a microservices-based back end server, and robust user management and reporting tools.

IVAAP features:

  1. A modern back end based on modular microservices that aggregates multiple data sources and offers built-in support for standard data streams, including WITSML.

  2.  A powerful SDK that helps integrate your proprietary processing workflows and analytics for a complete, custom digital application that can be easily deployed on a private server or in the cloud.

  3. A flexible browser-based HTML5 client that incorporates a range of mobile-responsive widgets to create custom dashboards.

  4.  A secure admin client to manage users, projects, and data connectors.

Built upon INT’s extensive domain expertise in E&P data visualization, IVAAP is the ideal platform to help companies transform and optimize their exploration and production business processes.

For product owners, architects, and IT professionals, IVAAP simplifies the development and deployment of highly integrated and scalable applications, lowering the cost of ownership and allowing them to focus on their specific IP, science, and workflows.

Visit us online at or at INT booth at EAGE in Paris June 12–15 for a preview of IVAAP or for a demo of INT’s other data visualization products.

For more information, please visit

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